About Us

I had collected cards when I was younger with my Mom. We would go to all the local card shows in Chicago and my Dad would take me to the "big shows" at McCormick place and the Hyatt. Like a lot of people, I stopped collecting after I got into high school. Years later, I had joined the Army and did tours in Afghanistan and Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division, Infantry. I had come back from Iraq and a month later, I decided to be honorably discharged from the Army. I had been, and still am, a set builder. I was in my parents basement and decided to start going through all my cards to see what I had. So I started organizing, getting sets together, and separating the doubles. Trying to find the older cards, from one person, at a good price, is hard. I had gone to one of my local shops and for 8 cards that included a 90 donruss Nolan Ryan, they wanted to charge me $8.00. If you go to places like Beckett, EBay, or anything else like that, you have no idea who you are buying from and it's a hassle. Now, I want to make it easier for everyone to get the cards that they need at a reasonable price from a reputable source.